Like numerous city individuals with office work, I have the sort of bristle that’s not a beard— yet always bordering on it. In our blog post— Mumford & Sons era, mine is a common facial-hair selection, possibly since it takes virtually no effort. All it requires is an electrical beard trimmer, respectable sight, and a determination to never ever really cut your face (unless you wish to clean up your neck with an appropriate razor occasionally, which is taken into consideration reputable before meetings and large events).

That said, locating the right trimmer to implement this not-really-shaving look is a challenge. You desire one that will certainly last for many years while still holding its fee, preferably with a lithium-ion battery. The blades need to be sharp— for early morning performance, mainly— as well as the tool should feel excellent in your hands without appearing low-cost, or getting as well easily obstructed with hairs. My last trimmer lately went kaput, so I made a decision to check out all the alternatives on the market to discover the most effective replacement. After investigating greater than 30 leaners, and checking a lots from major electronics brand names and also digital startups alike, these 5 stood apart. And also not simply for straightforward things like having the most power, or the greatest blades, or ample battery life, but also for otherwise being a cut over the remainder.

1 Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Collection 7200, Vacuum-Trimmer


I have actually been cutting with an older, more fundamental model of this beard trimmer for 3 years; that a person’s lack of ability to hold a cost these days is what motivated this search. Yet the new one has 2 updates that made it the best one I attempted: (1) a practical radial dial that allows you easily select sizes as short a 0.5 mm (as well as in 0.5 mm increments up from there), that makes it plenty flexible; and (2) a vacuum-suction function that gathers the majority of your hairless hairs— up to 90 percent of them, inning accordance with the firm, yet that truly knows? All I can claim is that this is a godsend. No man suches as wiping his (or his sweetheart’s) bristle from the sink, and also I want to handle this electric shaver’s somewhat confusing hand-feel to reap that incentive.

2 Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless-steel Groomer

You may think that the function of any beard trimmer is for it to work completely, adeptly crafting each piece of micro-hair into the same size, but that’s hardly the factor when it pertains to stubble. Messy remains in! Still, I valued the exceptionally sharp, pro-level blade; heavy stainless-steel body; and lasting battery (a four-hour cost) that this supplied. If you disregard any one of its bonus offer attributes and also beard guides— those plastic combs that come with a lot of these, and typically feel flimsy and pointless— this device is right for males that want an extremely close shave without pulling out an electrical aluminum foil razor or regular razor blade. I’ll keep this in my medicine cabinet for accomplishing what’s basically a tidy shave— no cutting lotion needed— especially because it’s formed in a way that nicely weaves around lip corners as well as nose gaps.

3 Brio BeardScape Beard and also Hair Trimmer


The Brio Beardscape looks to be the most outstanding on the marketplace, because Warby Parker— ish “I get every little thing from start-ups” kind of means. The box is streamlined and the razor itself looks expensive, with a handsome sliding scale that cuts any type of hair between 1 mm to 1.9 mm, and also a charging stand that I wish every other beard trimmer had. Its true developments are a ceramic blade, which is supposedly 4 times more challenging than stainless steel (yet extra breakable, as well), and also the capability to adjust the speed at which the blade oscillates. I discovered everything a bit excessively complicated— and the blade got on my cheek one or two times— however I could see it being well customizable for guys who, as the box suggests, desire something “for the beard and past.” Also if the past just indicates presenting it on your shower room shelf.

4 Braun BT304 Beard Trimmer


Of all the items I attempted, this was by far the least heavy, the most convenient to use, and also the most versatile— with an integrated blade guide that felt strong, and also enables the individual to accomplish dozens of various lengths by merely benting a dial. It’s not the very best electric razor I made use of by any means— it does not capture stubble, or have a cool stand, or do one of the most exact cutting— but I visualize it would certainly be handy for guys who are pulling out a trimmer every few days to modify, cut, and otherwise ideal a beard that has some length on it. Unlike most of the others, you can run the whole point underwater, which will certainly keep the blades cleaner, sharper, as well as much better fit to any type of obsessive facial-hair technique.

5 Philips Norelco OneBlade


This is sort of a wild card: someplace between a conventional beard trimmer and also a normal razor, calling for an unique OneBlade— which isn’t sharp to the touch— that you’re supposed to replace every 4 months approximately. When you charge the turn and handle on the power, the blade’s quick motions cut nearly as close as a normal non reusable blade, however without any fear of blood loss or ingrown hairs. You can primarily drag all of it over your face haphazardly to get rid of all your face hair, or use it to “border” and “shape” for styles like goatees. Utilizing it does feel somewhat odd, like you’re brushing up over your flooring with a mop that does not work in addition to a vacuum. As well as the outcomes just weren’t the most pristine, so it’s something I’m conserving for getaways, when it matters much less. The tiny dimension, respectable battery life, and also punchy shade make it just right for my Dopp package.

All it requires is an electric beard trimmer, decent vision, as well as a readiness to never ever in fact cut your face (unless you want to cleanse up your neck with a proper razor occasionally, which is considered commendable before conferences as well as large events).


I have actually been cutting with an older, a lot more fundamental model of this beard trimmer for three years; that one’s inability to hold a cost these days is what triggered this search. You may believe that the function of any type of beard trimmer is for it to function flawlessly, skillfully crafting each item of micro-hair right into the same length, however that’s barely the point when it comes to 5 o’clock shadow. The box is smooth as well as the razor itself looks pricey, with a handsome moving scale that reduces any hair in between 1 mm to 1.9 mm, and also a charging stand that I desire every other beard trimmer came with. It’s not the finest shaver I made use of by any kind of ways— it does not capture stubble, or have a cool stand, or do the most accurate trimming— but I envision it would certainly be helpful for individuals who are drawing out a trimmer every few days to fine-tune, trim, as well as otherwise excellent a beard that has some length on it.

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